Cuenca Travel Guide

Cuenca happens to be one of the major UNESCO World Heritage designations in Spain. The buildings are blended with natural landscapes, and the fusion of art gives this region a special atmosphere.

The city is located 170 km from Madrid, in the Castile-La Mancha region. As you enter, the first thing you notice is their cultural heritage through the appearance of medieval fortresses, palaces, towers, churches, convents, stately houses, streets, squares and walkways. The historical centre is packed with civil and religious architectural structures and they are artistic to look at. It has been nicely constructed through 12th and 18th centuries, and they are well preserved now.

The most spectacular site that should be on top of the list is watching the ‘city hangs’. After this, getting to the centre of the city will let you feel the modernised life amidst the medieval towers. If you can stay back at the Parador Hotel, which is homed by the San Pablo Convent, you will enjoy the view of the San Pablo Bridge over the Huécar Canyon. This is further added to the beauty of the Hanging Houses which you get to see just after. The buildings around are traditional and has held back the heritage from the golden eras. There is a lovely Spanish Museum of Abstract Art, which is known to hold the best collections of Europe, in this particular genre.

The city is more stunning during the weekend nights, as the highlighted monuments are lighted up. Try to tour on weekends to get the best of this feature, even if you spending just a day. There is a famous Cathedral which has remained still from the 13th century and was the first example of Gothic design in Spain. The unique factor is the Anglo-Norman styled façade. It is the only structure to have this blend in Spain. The area which surrounds the Plaza Mayor Square is full of emblematic buildings. One of the most significant is the Town Hall, which is followed by narrow streets, hills, underground passes, staircases and stone walls. The stone walls lead you to San Miguel Church and Nuestra Señora de las Angustias Shrine, which offers lovely views of the entire area.

The area that surrounds the city has interesting routes which provide amazing excursions plans! You would love the countryside of Spain and the best way to tour is to have your own vehicle or to hire one. Get to the ‘Enchanted City’ which lies 36 km away and witness the unique rock formations which reflect animals and objects.