Valladolid in One Day Itinerary

If you are taking a one day trip to visit the city then you want to arrive in the morning before ten so you will be there when the museums begin to open. If you start in Madrid I suggest you rent a car and see the sites along the way to Valladolid, or that you take the bus into the city so you can see the country side. On your return trip in the evening you will want to hop on the train and speed your way back to Madrid.

If you go to this city when one of the many festivals are happening you will want to attend some of those festivities. You will not want to miss the processions of Easter week, or the film festival shows. If you are in the city when no festival is happening then the following itinerary should keep you busy and allow you to see some of the most beautiful sites the city has to offer.

You should start your day with a visit to the famous museums and places of cultural interest.

Begin with the Cathedral of Valladolid. This is the cathedral that was ordered by King Phillip II in 1580. In 1598 when the king died the work on the cathedral was halted for a period of eighteen years. When the work resumed the design for the exterior was changed drastically from the one that architect Juan de Herrera had created.

Next; step into the diocesan museum that is adjacent to the cathedral. You will see many valuable religious artifacts that have been created by famous artists throughout the years. The eight figurines that make up the exhibit known as the “Grief Over The Dead Christ” are some of the most beautiful religious art pieces in all of the world.

Then you should go to the National Museum of Sculpture and observe the art there. The sculptural artifacts range in age from pieces designed in the fifteenth century to pieces from the eighteenth century.

One of the finest nativity scenes in all the world is housed here. The scene is made up of more than one hundred and fifty pieces representing the town of Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Christ.

Do not skip seeing the Oriental museum while you are in Valladolid for the day. This museum is located in the Royal College of the Augustine fathers. It contains the largest representation of Oriental art in the country of Spain.

The Valladolid museum has exquisite architectural designs that you should see. There are also a lot of fine art pieces in this museum that you will not be able to see anywhere else.

The Palace de Pimentel is a must see when in this city. This was where King Phillip II was born. When phillip was born the royal family did not have a palace in the city and the Pimentel family shared their palatial home with the royal family.

In the Covenant of San Pablo you will see sculptures of the saints that are breathtaking. The reclining dead Christ sculpture will move you to tears.

If you have not had your fill of museums and breathtaking artifacts you should visit the Monastery of San Benito to see the gilded altar. Then go see the Columbus Monument located just outside the train depot. Visit the statue of Zorrilla on your way to Campo Grande.

Lunch in the beautiful setting of Campo Grande as you take in the magnificent trails through this peaceful park area. The gardens here are full of trees, flowering shrubs, sculptures, and statues.

After lunch visit the Plaza Mayor and Town Hall in the center of town. This plaza is considered to be one of the finest plazas in the country for its beauty and detail.

The military cavalry academy is housed in a beautiful building facing the Plaza de Zorrilla. This building is the replacement for the one that was constructed ib 1852, but burned in 1915.

Pay a visit to the Teatro Caldero de la Barca ad see the grand design. This theater is considered to be one of the prettiest ones in the country of Spain.

Go to the university building and the Palacio real while you are looking at the amazing architecture in the city.

Then consider an afternoon boat ride. You can travel the Canal de Castilla and see the city from another vantage point. You might even want to take the Legend of the Pisuerga River tour.

Dine in one of the fine restaurants in the city. Antonio de Ulloa restaurant and El Sueno del General restaurant are both excellent places to devour some of the local cuisine.

Visit some of the nightlife locations and enjoy some dancing, some fine wine, and some great music.

Take the train to your hotel and then relax dreaming of the beautiful sites you have seen, and the experiences you have had.

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