Events & Festivals in Valladolid

Every place has local festivals, carnivals, and events that add a unique flair to the culture. The locals all enjoy these festivities, and tourists will truly be rewarded if they visit during the time of festivals, and carnival times. Valladolid has many different activities throughout the year that fall into the category of festivals and carnivals.

Holy Week

Holy Week is by far the biggest festive event that occurs in this area. Holy Week is the time period leading up to the Easter celebration which is one of the most revered religious celebrations. During the festivies that week Good Friday is filled with processions that begin with a horseback ride through the city by the members of the brotherhoods. They are making a poetic proclamation as they begin the weekend of festivities with this marked ride. At the end of the ride the crowd gathers in Plaza Mayor Square to hear the Sermon of the Seven Worlds.

That afternoon the Passion Procession takes people by the thousands through the city with thirty one different religious statues. When the Virgen de las Angustias is returned to the church it is the culmination of the procession. Salve Popular is sung to honor the virgin mother. Emotions of the crowd of people run high at this moment during the festival.

On Easter proper the members of the brotherhoods take to the streets again marching to music and carrying religious statues. They are remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ and they dress in their finest robes for this parade. This is something that everyone should see once in their lifetime.

Film Festival

The International film festival happens in Valladolid each October. Film stars, directors, producers, and fans arrive in the city for this event. The film festival draws a huge crowd to review the films that have been made the prior year.

During the month of October the lively night life in the city is increased by the visiting people of the film industry. There are a lot of bars, cafes, dance clubs, and other night life activities to participate in. The Plaza San Miguel and the Plaza Marti y Monso are two pubs that people frequent when the film festival is in town.

The International Dance and Theater Festival

In May the International Dance and Film Festival happens. This festival pays homage to the actors, performers, and dancers who make up live performances. This festival is not quite as large as the film festival but it does attract a large group of individuals, and if you are interested in film or theater this is the festival to attend.

The International Trade Exposition

In September the International Trade Exposition is in full swing in Valladolid. You will find tradesmen and products from all over the world on display. You will see the latest in technology and will have the opportunity to see what items will likely be trending in the market places in the following year.

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