The Best Time to Visit Valladolid

The Best Time to Visit Valladolid

The very best time to visit this lovely city would be Easter so you could see what happens during Holy Week, but other than that this is a great vacation spot almost all year round.

Valladolid has a Mediterranean climate with winters that do produce snow often, Fog is a common occurrence and the winter temperatures are frequently below freezing. If you like cold weather then you will certainly enjoy this city from September until February.

If you prefer temperatures that are a little warmer then you should visit between March and June. July and August can bring some extremely high temperatures to this area, so you might prefer to visit before the end of June when the temperatures are usually in the lower 80s and the humidity is usually less than sixty-five percent.

The rainy season occurs from October until January, and then the months of April and May can also be quite wet. You might say that March and June are the two prime months to visit this part of Spain.


Tips to tour Valladolid:

Read through the following things to do, to make the most of your tour at Valladolid:

  • Get to the Plaza Mayor and then explore the network of streets and eateries.
  • Gain knowledge about the famed Spanish king Felipe II, as you visit his birthplace at Palacio de Pimentel.
  • Go to the city park of Campo Grande and try to spot the peacocks which reside there.
  • Try out tapas at Plaza Mayor and around Santa Maria de La Antigua church. They will serve you the best in the city.
  • Take an evening out for the historic quarters and see the local’s love for the city’s wine. Get to Ribera for red wine, Rueda for white wine and Cigales for rose.
  • Try to opt for a bodega tour which will let you see their wine production, and then let you sample the ones you want.
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