How to get to Salmanca

  • Salamanca doesn’t have an international airport nearby, which is why Madrid is the gateway to the city. There are around 5 daily train services which connect Madrid’s Chamartin Station with Samalanca. The city’s station is located at the northeast, from the center, and falls on the Paseo de la Estación de Ferrocarril. You would take about 15 minutes to walk into the town from the station. There are frequent bus and taxi services to reach you to your hotel.
  • There are numerous bus services directly from Madrid to Salamanca such as Avanza Bus. It would take close to 3 hours to get you to your touring city.  There has a bus service that leaves every 30 minutes from Madrid.  The bus station is also in the northeast on the city’s centre and falls on the Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos, 71-85. This too will take you about 15 minutes to get you to the main city.
  • If you are coming by road, you should take the AP-6 towards A Coruña from Madrid and then take the AP-51 towards Avila. Avila is exactly half ways between Madrid and Salamanca.  You can take a small rest here in Avila.  From Avila, you will take the A-50 towards Salamanca which is just an 1 hour and 15 minutes drive (110 km).  The total distance from Madrid to Salamanca is around 220 km which can be done in 2 and a half hours drive nonstop.
  • There are a few companies which can be appointed for trips by coach or even a private vehicle. Although this would be a little pricey and also take more time for you to reach. If you head to Portugal or to Santiago de Compostela, this city is perfect to stop for a day. You should also consider stopping at Avila and Ciudad Rodrigo.

On reaching the city of Salamanca, the main attractions can be covered on foot. Many of them are close to each other, so you can spare some time out for the historic centre. For going out and about the city, you should take taxis or buses. The ‘Salamanca city bus 1’ takes you between the railway station and Plaza Poeta Iglesias, and that is just beside the Plaza Mayor.

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