Top Spanish Foods to Try in Salamanca

The sea decides the gastronomy along Spain’s coasts while the landscape of Salamanca decides their local foods! Salamanca is situated in the interior and has a vast variety of countryside dishes of Spain. From the pastures to the mountainous highlands of the city, it gets a diverse landscape, which is why it yields numerous products and is practically self-sufficient!

The gastronomy includes more of meat and agriculture and they are obtained in the best of quality. The dry and cool air of the area serves well to create fantastic cheeses. They also have the best of fruits and vegetables, which include cherries, figs, strawberries and chickpeas, beans, lentils!

Thus, combining the simple ingredients which are found all over the region, we get amazing recipes which will leave your mouth watery! One thing that is good about coming here in winters, is that you get an array of meat stews, and they are real delicacies!


Local food specialties:

  • Hornazo: This is an oven-baked pastry which is stuffed with ham, sausage, bacon, chicken and cooked egg. It is slightly salty to taste.

food in Salamanca Spain

  • Cochinillo al fuego: this is a preparation of roasted suckling pig.
best foods in Salamanca
Piglet on fire
  • Farinato: this includes white sausage meat, added with breadcrumbs and topped with seasoning and lard. It is usually served with fried eggs.
Salamanca gastronomy
Farinato of Nobleza Charra, Photo credit
  • Chanfaina salmantina: this is made with rice with different swine cuts, lamb and giblet. It is added with sweet bread spiced sausages.

foods to eat in Salamanca Spain


Local Drinks:

top spanish wines
winery in Ribera del Duero

Take a glass of wine in your hand as you relish some tapas at the Plaza Mayor. You will be delighted to come across some Wine connoisseurs, and most of them can be interacted with at the restaurants and bars. They will talk to you about the authentic Spanish wines and help you choose the one you should try. Two prominent areas to get the best of wines in this city are Sierra de Salamanca and Ribera del Duero.

Local Desserts:

The Moorish rule left some amazing dessert recipes which are followed and consumed by people till today. Spanish desserts include ingredients like almonds and honey, and again, their involvement is because of the Moors. The list of desserts is practically endless in this city, but some of these are going to be perfect:

  • Perrunillas: these are cookies made with almond and are very popular during Christmas time
Christmas almond cookies
Perrunillas almond Cookies
  • Mazapan: their authentic type of marzipan.
food in Salamanca Spain
Mazapan Almond cookies
  • Bollo maimón: sort of a sponge cake.
  • Chochos: a dessert made with anisette.
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