Salamanca in One Day Itinerary

One day is, of course, a short span of time to see the diverse differences of the city. The most important way is to decide that you want to make the most of the day. You should enjoy yourself and be ready for some surprising elements all through.

Start off your tour from the Tourist Office, as they provide the necessary information you’d need. Visitors are allowed to rent an audio-guide for about 12 Euros and then hire official tourist guide. The cost of the guide might be more at weekends and peak seasons.

Start your journey from Plaza Mayor and Cathedral complex. Take some time out to climb the cathedral’s medieval towers and then visit the Ieronimus exhibition en route. Walk around the outdoor terraces and look across the main church, situated among the pinnacles, gargoyles and cathedral bells.

Get to the University’s historic building and explore the shape of a frog situated on the main façade. Inside, you get to see Fray Luis auditorium and Old Library. Don’t rush through all of these at once, but try to take some time out for the Casa de las Conchas as well.  It is renowned for the main facade covered with shells.  Head to the La Clerecía Church and then the Pontifical University, located just in front of La Clerecía Towers. They are known to give you some incredible views of Salamanca from a height.

Take a pleasant walk and then take a break to bring back your strength. There are restaurants with top-quality dining facilities. You can choose some creative cuisine along with the traditional dishes made with locally grown products. You could get to the Plaza Mayor for dining since it gives you an overview of the city too! Other places to eat would be the contemporary art centre and traditional Castile tavern.

Post lunch, you could stroll along the Roman Bridge or opt for the Huerto de Calixto y Melibea gardens instead.  Casa Lis is an impressive building which has stained glasses which provide mesmerising beauty. It homes the Art Nouveau & Art Deco Museum which lets to awe at every corner.

Get to the San Esteban and the Dueñas Convents after this and take the breathtaking views of the renowned Cathedral. You also get to taste some authentic pastries which are made by the nuns. Finish the day by visiting two places, first the La Cueva de Salamanca, which is known to be an area of dark arts, and then the former salt store of Patio de la Salina. As you head towards the nightlife or for a subtle dinner, make sure you buy some souvenirs from the city centre.

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