Events & Festivals in Salamanca

The calendar events of this city are quite packed up for throughout the year. They also include the nearby villages and towns which perform the festivities together. Some carnivals in Ciudad Rodrigo don’t have any specific date to occur and you might just be lucky, to witness one of these.

The most important festival fall around Christian holidays, and they attract visitors around the city to come in at these times.

The prime religious festival happens during early spring and sometimes coincides with Easter celebrations. This is inclusive of Lunes de Aguas, which states the return of the ‘Ladies of easy virtue’ – a story of women who were banished during lent, as per the command of King Philip II of Spain.

Semana Santa (Easter) during March/April:

This festival is celebrated all over the country and is denoted by the traditions of the Holy Week. The essences of this event include processions of brotherhoods and fraternities. To grab the best of the processions at Salamanca, you need to get to the Plaza Mayor or the quarters of Salamanca University.

Saint John of Sahagun on June 12

As mentioned earlier, the arrival of summers marks the feast day of St. John. It happens to be a 4-day festival which includes traditional dishes, music, performances, etc. At the end of the month, you get to enjoy of St. Peter and St. Paul. These bring in tourists all around the province for early summer celebrations.

Lunes de Agua

The holiday for this event dates back to medieval traditions. It is celebrated exactly one week from Easter Monday, and that day is referred to the Water Monday. The celebrations bring families closer as they typically enjoy an afternoon meal together, and anticipate for the warmer days of spring.

Every September there is a pilgrimage to Pena de Francia Shrine. They bring out the locals wearing traditional Salamanca costumes, and they would include charro peasant dress for sure!

Salamanca Fair (starts September 8)

There are also fiestas which are conducted in the honour of Virgin of the Valley and St. Matthew, and that happens by the middle of September.  Apart from the eating and the drinking the locals gather around the Old Cathedral with pictures of the Virgin of the Valley, and with processions.

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