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The ancient town of Salamanca is located in the west of Spain. It is in the Autonomous Community of Castilla and León. The city was first conquered by Carthaginians in the 3rd century B.C. and turned out to be a Roman settlement. The Moors had taken over by the 11th century and their legacy continued. The famous university in Salamanca is one of the oldest in Europe. It had reached its heights during the Golden Age.

Starting from the Roman Bridge which is set over the Tormes River, to various structures with impressive galleries and arcades, all of them reflect the 2000-year-old history of the city. The historic centre of the city has the significance of Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque architectures. You get to witness a glimpse of the bygone eras as you visit the Plaza Mayor itself.

Most of the historical buildings belong to the Old Quarter. However, there are monuments around the core protected area. The integrity of the city is the Old Quarter, followed by the seven outlying component parts of Iglesia de San Marcos, Colegio de Los Irlandeses, Iglesia de Sancti Spiritus, Casa-Convento de Santa Teresa, Convento de Las Claras, Iglesia de San Cristóbal and Iglesia de San Juan de Barbalos.

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The Old City retains the authenticity in terms of design, material, form and substances. From the location setting and the characteristics, it gives you the feeling of ancient times. On the other hand, urbanisation has made an impact towards modernising the area and improving its facilities.

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The Old City has evolved with several modifications and now includes new infrastructures and renovated buildings. These changes have been made under the supervision of strict administrative controls. It is to provide the best possible facilities to the students who come to study here, to the residents of the area and of course the tourist’s who want to make memorable moments.

Top Spanish Foods to Try in Salamanca

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Events & Festivals in Salamanca

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How to get to Salmanca

Salamanca doesn’t have an international airport nearby, which is why Madrid is the gateway to the city. There are around 5 daily train services which connect Madrid’s Chamartin Station with Samalanca. The city’s station is located at the northeast, from...

Best Time to Visit Salamanca

Planning a Trip The favourable months to travel around the city falls anytime between spring and autumn. The winter months have clear blue skies during the day but can get extremely cold at nights. There are specific festivals which make...