Top Spanish Foods try in Santander

  • Rabas or squid, which is either nicely breaded or battered, and then served.
  • Cachon which is cuttlefish or squid which is cooked in its ink!
  • Caracolillos or periwinkles are accompanied with wine or vermouth. It is consumed just before lunch.
  • Salpicon de mariscos is a great appetizer, which is a mixture of fresh seafood (with mussels) with vinaigrette, onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.
  • Crabs are perfect for starters but could get tricky in the main course, if you don’t know what exactly to try. If you are holidaying during weekends try out the maseras.
  • Try the northern tuna if you get them at the apt season, and have them grilled, barbecued or stewed. At other times, it will be preserved in olive oil and then added to the salad. The salad is accompanied by roasted and chilled red peppers.
  • You also get fresh sardines called boquerones. They are served either grilled or battered.
  • Scorpionfish pie which is a soft and tasty appetizer. It will either be served with cocktail sauce or mayonnaise.
  • The region has high-quality meat due to its long livestock tradition. You can try out ox steaks and heifer’s entrecote. If you like pork, try out jijas or chichas. The meat is minced and added to French fries in this.
  • If you want to taste a mouth-watering dish, try fish soups and Cocido Montañés. Cocido montañés is a traditional stew which is made with pork and added with beans and veggies. If you have the marine version of this dish, it will have prawns and squid, added with clams or chickpea.
  • You can taste Cantabrian spirits at Santander. Try out the famous flagship liquor and the Orujo from Liébana. The production of cider and wine had been very significant during old times but lessened after orchards were transformed into meadows. You might still get some places where they serve authentic cider and txakoli wine
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