Santander in One Day Itinerary

Honestly, you need at least two days to visit Santander, to make the most of both historical sites and the beaches. But if you just have one day, you will have to choose either of the two or tactfully manage both.

Start your morning a little early, if you want the best of both. Get to the El Sardinero Beach and spend some quality time in silence. Come back to the hotel for breakfast or choose a café you’d like to stop at. Get to the gardens of Pereda and then walk through the cedar and magnolia trees. They will lead you to the Historic Quarter, which can be explored by taking a gentle walk. Go through the monumental structures and soak up its elegant atmosphere.  If your eyes haven’t grabbed something to awe at as yet, expect that to happen as the façades of its banks.  Continue down to the Calle Hernán Cortes where you get the Plaza Porticada, and that will represent the liveliest area in the city.  Just next to that, you get to the church of Cristo and Santander Cathedral.  This is situated just at the opposite of church of la Compañía. Continue along the Calle Juan de Herrera to reach Town Hall square. Take some time to get some refreshments here and then head to the Municipal Fine Arts Museum.

If you are tired already, you could get a cheerful atmosphere at Esperanza market.  Do some purchases that you’d like to possess and then continue to the streets of Jesús de Monasterio and San Fernando. These are ideal to take back a souvenir of your trip.

Finally, head to some eateries, where you want to sample through the best of Santander dishes. San Fernando will provide the apt seafood cuisine that you’d like to try. Read further to know the dishes you could choose from.

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