Best time to visit Santander

Planning  a Trip

The overall climate of the city is mild and moderate.  There is no extreme temperature which makes you feel very hot during summers or very cold during winters.  This alternatively states that you can visit the area all through the year and get the best of the tourist’s sites.  Travellers should know that this area brings in untimely rains, which can be irritating.  Summers are the best time for visiting Santander since you love to get to the beach and it is less likely to rain at this period.  Summers are also the time for annual events which interest both tourists and locals.

Tips to Tour Santander

  • The favourable time to visit is during summers, although the area has a temperature of about 27-28 degree Celsius all year round. During spring and autumn, the temperature can drop to a maximum of 15 degree Celsius. Booking hotels during off-seasons will cut down on cost.
  • The local beaches are clean and have been awarded for their ecological significance. Bathing in these areas are safe.  Some coastal areas are usually occupied by families for recreation and leisure.
  • It is good to walk through the city centre since major cultural aspects can be gone through, and most of them are placed close to each other.
  • Rent a car if you want to go through the suburbs of the resort city or if you have a huge gang travelling with you.
  • Most of the historical and cultural objects are open for the visitors. It is good to make the most of these sites according to the time you have at hand.
  • Smoking in the resort city is banned and tourists to have to follow all prohibitory signs. There are places at the shopping centres, cafes and restaurants, for smoking.
  • Currency exchange is offered by most local banks, but you might want to do some research to know which ones are more profitable.
  • During the peak seasons, the crowds are quite a lot, but choosing places away from the city centre will give you serene leisure times as well. Thus, you need to balance out between times you want to be at the beach and at the prime locations of the city.
  • There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs situated on the premises of large hotels at the city. El Sardinero district attracts due to its nightlife and has the most famous casino along with gastronomy establishments.
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