Cantabria Travel Guide


Cantabria, an autonomous community of historic Spain, is a tourist hotspot off the Bay of Biscay. The waters are warm and enticing to swimmers and with a moist climate, the forests and mountains get alive with rich vegetation. This part of Spain sees at least 40 shades of Green and while exploring the dramatic mountains, you will come across a wide area of spectacular natural beauty, clean and unexplored. The region also boasts of ancient yet beautiful seaside towns, tiny, secluded coves along the vast stretches of coastline and the breathtaking Picos de Europa. The population is mainly based on the coastal areas and the majority of them lives in the capital city of Santander.

If you are looking forward to getting to the region of Cantabria, you are settling to go through some beautiful natural landscapes. They have excellent gastronomy and a uniquely artistic and architectural heritage. This part in northern Spain includes several prehistoric caves, of which, the Altamira, is listed under UNESCO. It is also referred as ‘Sistine Chapel of Prehistoric Art’. Cantabria includes the Way of Saint James pilgrim route, and the towns and villages have beautiful monuments like Magdalena Palace in Santander, monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, etc. Visitors love to marvel through the landscapes while the coast of Cantabria offers more than 60 beaches with white sands. As you walk inland, you get to explore several nature reserves, and the best one to get to is Picos de Europa National Park. This is one of the apt places to appreciate nature and get indulged into some adventure sports.

Sample through some top class recipes, since their gastronomy is to die for! Have the bean stew of cocido montañés, sponge cakes of sobaos and cheesecake of quesada pasiega. Don’t miss out on their authentic collection of wines too.