Tenerife Travel Guide

About Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is the largest and best known of the 7 Canary Islands with a coastline of some three hundred and fifty kilometres.   It lies 300 kilometres off the coast of West Africa.The island has approximately 898,680 inhabitants and attracts over ten million visitors to its shores each year.  It lies at the same latitude as the Sahara Desert, and, as a result, due to its year-round warm temperatures, is a favourite holiday resort for many Europeans.  Internationally it is known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring.’


It has a warm temperature of between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius during the winter months and between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius during the summer time.

In conclusion, the number one reason that people head to Tenerife, is because of the year round guarantee of sunshine, making the island a popular winter destination.

History of the formation of Tenerife

Tenerife was formed 3 million years ago by the mountain ranges of Anaga, Teno and Valle de San Lorenzo.  This resulted due to Mountain Teide’s volcanic activity.  You can see the magnificent volcano from many parts of the island as it stands proud and tall.  At certain points, the crater is 17 kilometres long.

North and South of the Island Facilities

South Tenerife

The south of the island is more popular than the north.  The is because the south is hotter and drier, and the areas of Playa de la Americas and Los Cristianos, have lots of facilities and have developed into popular tourist resorts.

Costa Adeje has developed into a retreat for world-class facilities.  It now has golf courses, quality restaurants, and a theatre that is used for both musicals and as a Congress Hall. It also has a few high-class shopping centres, water parks and animal parks.

North Tenerife

North Tenerife is greener than the south.  Puerto de la Cruz is the most developed town.  The old harbour is still prevalent but there have been European architectural influences.  This part of the island is primarily popular with German and Spanish tourists.

What Tenerife Has To Offer You

It has so much to offer you.  If you like sitting on a beach for the whole of your vacation you will be spoilt for choice.  You can choose a beach with dark volcanic sand or a golden sandy beach.  However, if you like to be more active or love great food or superb scenery, walking, sailing, or any type of watersport then this is the perfect location for your next vacation.

Links with the Famous

Tenerife appeals to lots of different ages groups and people.  It really started to develop during the 1970’s when the road structures started to be built.  As a result, a few famous people, who went out to the island in the early 1970’s, still have great links with Tenerife.

Brian May lead guitarist from the 1970’s band Queen has famous links with the island.   Since 2011 he has held an annual festival here called Starmus Festival.   It attracts scientists, musicians and artists such as Rick Wakeman.

In Playa de las Americas the famous Liniker family, have a very popular bar and in Los Cristianos, Roy Crewdson from the Freddie and The Dreamers band owns Dreamers the popular Cabaret Bar.

Admiral Nelson came to Tenerife, to launch a horrific British attack on the island. He and his army attacked Santa Cruz de Tenerife in July 1797.  It was a horrific war and there were many casualties.  Nelson, in battle, lost his right arm, from the fire of a cannon,