Top Things To Do In Lanzarote

Parque Nacional de Timanfaya:

top attraction in Lanzarote
Taimanfaya National Park Camel Ride

This place is one of the finest examples of volcanic habitat which has been colonised by vegetation. They are scarcely inhabited by species as well. If you opt for the guided tour, you will be taken to the main part of Route of the Volcanoes, and then have the geothermal anomalies demonstrated. You will also be taken to the main highlights which include Cauldron Corazoncillo, Fire Mmountains and Rajada Mountain. After several eruptions, these volcanoes have got into a period of calmness and that preserves the habitation of the region. There are numerous things to see around, although there is practically nil human inhabitance found. The ecological features have led the initiative of the national park, and that is why you get to add it to the ‘must see’ list!

Mirador del Río:

best view in Lanzarote
view from Mirador del Rio in Lanzarote

This breathtaking viewpoint is situated 400 meters above sea level and is located in the northernmost part of the island. The place offers panoramic views of the entire island and cannot be missed out on! It is a sheer example of the wonderful architectural creations by Cesar Manrique. It was an enthusiastic project which was created with artistic intelligence. Coming to this spot will make your journey fruitful. It is best to store it for the last so that you can point out, all that you have covered within your tour.

Cueva de Los Verdes:

top things to visit in Lanzarote
Cueva de Los Verdes

This site is located towards the north of the island, in the municipality of Haria. It is set in the volcanic region of Malpais National Monument La Corona. According to the geologists, the eruptive activity of the volcano called ‘the Crown’ had led to a volcanic tunnel which went 6 km long. As you get to the site, you will see that there are two ‘Centres of Art’ and relevant information about ‘Culture and Tourism’, along with things to see inside the tunnel. It is quite an interesting experience, especially for people who haven’t been used to watching volcanoes.


top beaches in Lanzarote
Papagayo beach in Lanzarote

There are numerous beaches on this island and you can pick the ones you’d be closer too! All of them look strikingly beautiful and uniquely preserved. They are the perfect places to relax during your holidays. There is something for every visitor, so you just have to choose what attracts you more. From golden beaches to volcanic stretches of sand, followed by impressive headlands, dramatic cliffs and pristine water, you will have the best of all! Some beaches are protected and are not given for bathing. Just make sure you don’t opt for a beach to swim in and not get allowed to do so!

Fundación César Manrique:

places to go in Lanzarote
fundacion cesar manrique

The César Manrique Foundation is situated in the middle of the island and is homed inside the house of Taro de Tahiche. César Manrique was a painter, architect and sculptor and it was his idea to make this island as beautiful as possible! This building had been constructed over five volcanic bubbles and has been specialised into rooms in the architect’s own style! This is the perfect place for a tourist to understand how the architect had blended his ideas with nature and then created innovative structures for the island. As you get here, you will see a museum which has been dedicated to the man. There are numerous works of art which had been done by him and are all well preserved by the authorities. Some are contemporary whereas some have been taken from his personal collection. The conversion of this house into a proper art museum had been supervised by the artist himself. He had initiated the spark of this beautiful establishment, just a few months before he died.

Marina Rubicón:

top places to visit in Lanzarote
Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote

Marina Rubicón also referred to as Playa Blanca is a huge yacht marina. It is inclusive of numerous cafes and has a relaxed and appealing atmosphere. This is a perfect place for quiet holidays and is pretty sophisticated too. This area has been ever developing and is it conveniently located at the southern tip of the island. It homes numerous apartments and villas and beautifies the view around you. From eating at the best restaurants to shopping and enjoying the nightlife, you get the best urban services to opt for!

Jameos del Agua:

Lanzarote must see attraction
Jameos Del Agua

This is one of the main attractions towards the north-east side of the island. Visitors are welcomed to a lovely crab type structure and it is quite interesting to add to your list! Just as you walk from the seas, you will get to the ‘natural wonder’ which consists of partially collapsed volcanic tubes and caverns. They had been transformed into an entertaining venue by César Manrique! As the visitors walk through, they lead into a huge cave which exhibits the mysterious salt lake. There are tiny and appealing albino crabs noticeable from the transparent waters.

El Lago Verde (El Golfo):

must do in Lanzarote
El Lago Verde in Lanzarote

This is yet another example of Mother Nature as it happens to be a half-submerged cone of the volcano. It has been eroded by the seas over time and that eventually left behind a striated wall of the crater. As you get to the site, you will see the area display myriad of red and russet colours! At the end of the crater wall lays the ‘Lago Verde’. It is a half-moon-shaped green lagoon which looks striking due to the addition of volcanic minerals and micro-organisms. They make the water body get a distinctive colour and increase the demand for tourist’s visits!

Jardin de Cactus:

top things to see in Lanzarote
Jardin de cactus in Guatiza, Lanzarote

Towards the north-eastern coast of the island, are two small towns of Mala and Guatiza. There are huge vegetations of cactus plants and they are a part of the final cochineal production in the Canaries! In the middle of the cactus field, you get to see the last landscape monument designed by César Manrique. The huge garden is covered with specimens all over the world, and the main ones are the Canary Islands, Madagascar and America. From the volcanic stone sculptures to the interior of a stylish restaurant and bar, there is so much that this artist has left behind for all of us! You also get to buy souvenirs from a shop and there are paintings kept at the exhibition area.

Go to a theme park (Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park):

lanzarote activies
Rancho Texas Park

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is situated just outside Puerto Del Carmen. It is an animal park which features rare white tigers, buffalos, pumas and crocodiles from the Nile. There are three exhibitions which go on, through the day, and can be chosen by the visitors to see through. The exhibitions are of parrots, sea lions and preying birds! Stroll through the gardens to see the lovely waterfall, and try to go mining for gold at the Indian Village! You can also opt to canoe or interact with the sea lions. There is a Splash & pool zone for letting the visitors swim and enjoy water games.

Map of top attractions in lanzarote

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