Top Spanish Foods to Try in Lanzarote

There is a difference between the typical Canary cuisine and Lanzarote cuisine. All the dishes in the Canary Islands are followed with traditional recipes, and they have been handed down to the Lanzarote kitchen wholesomely!

Fishes are stapled to the local recipes but there is a huge craze for pork and meat too. These are accompanied by tasty cheese, veggies and tropical foods. You will get a minimum of fatty foods on these islands as they are more about meat and greens.

Fishes are served fried, baked, boiled, salted, and probably in all types, you’d want! They are offered with traditional sauces like red and spicy ‘mojo rojo’, green and calm ‘mojo verde’. There is more of seafood than just fishes and you’d simply have numerous options to choose from!

‘Sancocho’ is a famous soup which everyone should try while coming to the Canaries. Gofio should also be tried the recipe had originated from the aboriginals. It is made of toasted grain flour and is consumed with milk in fish soup.

The Canary Islands have best of cheeses and you would love to accompany them with some wine. Goat meat is very popular and is relished with seasoned soups.

If you are potato lover, you’d get it at every corner of the island! Potatoes are served baked, sauteed, boiled and accompanied with the traditional sauces. Wrinkled potatoes are the most famous dish you’d try.

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