Best Beaches in Lanzarote

Papagayo Beach:

Papagayo Beach , best beach in lanzarote
Papagayo Beach

The most popular beach of Lanzarote is Papagayo. It is cove of white sand which looks immensely pretty. Some locals call the shape of the beach like a shell, and they love the crystal clear waters that shine in emerald green! This beach is apt for snorkeling and can be enjoyed with kids due to the initial level of waters. Walk along the track to reach the hollow of the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches. See the untamed surroundings which are well sheltered from the wind.

Famara Beach:

Famara Beach, one of the best beaches in lanzarote
Famara Beach

Caleta de Famara is a tiny coastal village situated on the north shore of Lanzarote. In the past few years, Famara became the best place for surfing, and people started flocking in from all parts of the globe. They get the best reef breaks and term it as the ‘European Hawaii’ as well! At present, this part of the island includes a multi-cultural mix of professional surfers along with locals. There is an amazing blend of nationalities living together and the atmosphere is quite laid back. Learn some tricks of surfing or opt for the beach if you already know how to.

Las Conchas Beach (La Graciosa Island):

Las Conchas Beach in Lanzarote
Las Conchas Beach in Lanzarote

This is the least populated beach of the Canary Islands. It is a real treasure which hides in the northeast, and you cannot get to see a pearl like a shape like the Las Conchas is! The shades of blue in the water keep changing and that adds to the charm in the area. If you are looking for an isolated beach, this is surely an option to try for. Go for a pleasant walk from Caleta de Sebo and laze around the beach for sunbathing.

Mujeres Beach:

Best Beach in Lanzarote
Mujeres Beach in Lanzarote

This beach is situated inside the protected natural park zone of Los Ajaches. If you primarily want to be around the Los Ajaches, it is good to opt for this beach instead of Papagayo. The white sands are similar and the beach stays crowded like the other. If you can book your stay at the Hotel Papagayo Arena, which is just 300 meters away, you will get amazing views from your room!

El Golfo:

top hidden beach in lanzarote
El Golfo Beach in Lanzarote

There are two beaches of El Golfo, and they are situated on the south-west coast of Lanzarote. They are not visited for sunbathing but are awed due to the natural beauty and the hard working fishermen! The main feature is the green lagoon which breaths in the crater of an ancient volcano. The beach is rocky with volcanic sand which is why it is not the best one to relax on! The beach lies on the outskirts of Timanfaya National Park, so you can simply stroll in as you get to the site.

Los Charcones Natural swimming pools:

hidden natural swimming pool
Los Charcones

The lovely and unspoiled swimming areas of Los Charcones are situated at the south of the island. It is just five minutes from Playa Blanca and one doesn’t simply miss out on the beach! You get to see pools of different depths, sizes and shapes and that creates the main temptation for the people to see. Los Charcones provides all that you need for relaxation and enjoyment, and you will be content even if you are all alone. If you walk for 2 km, you will reach Pechiguera lighthouse. It is accessible through the direct track only and the beauty just wins you over!

Flamingo Beach Lanzarote:

Lanzarote Top beach Flamingo
Flamingo Beach in Lanzarote

This is another beach which lies towards the south of Playa Blanca, so you know you have options to choose from! This beach simply invites tourists and is well reputed all through the island. The white sands and the tranquil waters make it apt for the young members of you family, as they need extra care at sites like these. There are sunbeds, umbrellas and showers at the beach to make your tour more comfortable. The beach is 200 meters long and is surrounded by green areas and resting spots. There are shops and cafes where you can purchase necessary goodies. The best part about this beach is that they have special provision for disabled people to come and enjoy the views too.

La Garita Beach:

La Garita Beach

This beach is located on the northeastern side of the island and is often used for sunbathing! The coast is sprinkled with different bathing areas and is quite a long stretch of golden sands. The surrounding area includes tourist’s spots like Jameos del Agua, Cueva de Los Verdes, etc. which is why it is common for the tourists to hop in! You get to see the fishing village of Arrieta here, and you might also catch the glimpse of local fishermen catching fishes.

Playa de las Cucarachas:

top beach to visit in Lanzarote
La Cucarachas beach

Playa La Cucaracha is a perfect beach to come with friends! It is apt for young men and women, who are more active and want to explore more too. This beach gives you the proximity with Costa Teguise, thus, this is not the apt place for a family tour or solitude. Come to this beach to enjoy surfing or windsurfing, and some more exciting sports you get to choose from. There is some traditional sports infrastructure along with pitches for volleyball. Just like other beaches around, this features clear gravels. There is a series of flat rocks, along with a jetty that protects a part of the beach! This will make surfing a little safer and enjoyable.

Caleton Blanco:

north of Lanzarote best hidden beach
Caleton Blanco beach in the north of Lanzarote

The Caletón White Creek is the coastline of Corona Volcano and it is situated near the fishing village of Orzola. The small beach looks impressive with the intense shade of white while it slowly blankets the badlands of volcanoes! This beach will give you a dazzling experience compared to the others you’d visit. The volcanic zones are not filled with green vegetation and pristine blue waters. There is a mixture of all that the beaches in Lanzarote can serve you, and that might make you add it to your list!

Bajo El Risco Beach:

best beaches in the north of Lanzarote
Bajo El Risco Beach

Finally, you might love to get to the most exotic beach of Lanzarote. Here, you get to enjoy the views of Famara, La Graciosa along with the rest of Chinijo archipelago towards the north! Bathe in the calm and crystal clear waters by the beach, and feel satisfied by the invigorating sea! Under the Risco beach, you will find a place of peace and tranquillity, and it is located just below the cliffs of Famara. This beach is comparatively quieter than the others, so taking some time out with your loved one might be quite a romantic experience.

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