Lanzarote in One Day Itinerary

Coming to the Canary Islands, wants most people to have a bit of here and there. This is why there are many tourists who drop in for a day and then take another ferry and travel to another island. If you are coming here for a day too, you might want to have your day organised beforehand. We’d like to give you the best 1-day tour of Lanzarote so that you can enjoy the day to the fullest. This is for the South Volcanic area, while you drive through Yaiza towards Playa Blanca. Stop at the salt pans ‘Salinas de Janubio’ for admiring the national heritage site. This is one of the three salt pans striving in the island and there were 26 of them at one point in history!

Next, follow the coastal road and cut through the lava fields. Pause at the Los Hervideros for walking around the path and watch the waves pound onto the coast. Continue the journey along El Golfo and stop to walk by the sea or to see volcano and green lagoon. The dramatic scenes of the landscapes here had been incorporated in the famous movie Broken Embraces. You can stop here for lunch and have some fresh fishes and tapas.

Get to Yaiza from here and then opt for the road which takes you to Montañas del Fuego. The beauty of the Fire Mountains along with the stunning scenery will leave you mesmerised. You can go for a camel trek and reach the national park. Continuing a little further on will take you to the guided tour around the volcano. This place is one of the best tourist’s spots which is why a trip should include it. They offer the biggest and best BBQ, fire and geyser demonstration along with the history of Lanzarote’s volcanic eruptions.

Finally, end your trip by going around La Geria region. It falls on the outskirts of Timanfaya National Park. Here you get to see the rows of zocos and vines, and they look like craters on the moon. You will get numerous bodegas, so you can stop and sample some tasty wines, as you go from Uga to San Bartolomé.

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