Best Time To Visit Lanzarote

The best part about this island is that it is always favourable for visits! They have spring-like climate all around the year, so you can plan your trip according to your convenience.  The island is close to Africa and lacks high mountains, which is why they have the best weather all through the year. Summers are slightly hot while winters are mild with little rainfall.

Holidaymakers from Northern of Central Europe will love to come here during winters! While the winters on their homeland will have grey skies, the weather here will be warm around January and February. No matter which span of time you come to the island, the sun will shine brightly. The average temperature remains between 20°C to 30°C. Thus, when you know that the weather is harmless, what can differ your dates of the visit are the vibrant events that you’d like to be a part of.

Tips to Tour:

  1. Currency exchange is profitable in specialised offices, present in the major cities. You also get good commissions as they spare up to 15% on the convertible sum. There are many exchangers which have ‘no commission’ mentioned, which means you don’t have pay any amount of converting currency.
  2. There are phone booths at most squares, and you can call at any corner of the world from there. They accept coins and special plastic cards for phone booths. If you carry an unlocked gsm phone you could buy a 10€ sim card without a contract that has 10€ of credit.
  3. You get buses to link all towns and villages, so touring out and about the main cities is easy.
  4. Locals are pretty responsive and always ready to guide, so if you have sights to see within walking distances, they would guide you the way.
  5. People travelling during main seasons should be careful of crowded places. There are chances of getting robbed off, so carrying large sums of money is not advisable. Try to not wear expensive jewellery too.
  6. Tipping is customary in most places. An average amount of 10% on total order, has to be provided as a tip.
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