Lanzarote Travel Guide

Lanzarote is a completely different place on the planet compared to other islands and the mainland. It is extraordinarily beautiful and looks out of this world. The inhabitants have often mentioned that God had forgotten to create Lanzarote on the Seventh Day of His creation. The island is of volcanic origin and they have been active until the 19th century. There are huge areas covered with lava and ashes, and at some point of your journey, you will feel like walking on the moon!

This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is an intriguing island with around 300 volcanic cones, along with great beaches and interesting sites to see. The inhabitants of the island have tried their best to cultivate the coarse lands, and you will be taken through the areas of vegetation to see how they look. The most surprising area is probably Geria, where there are vineyards between volcanic craters! The famous Canarian artist and architect Cesar Manrique, had helped the island to make it more developed for the locals and attractive for the tourists.

While opting to tour in this island you will get to know that there are numerous tourists’ packages and pie-and-chips resorts. Times are changing in terms of development and there are independent travellers who like to go through the island at ease.