Gran Canaria Festivals and Public Holidays

The Canary Islands become getaways for Europeans due to their enormous festivities. Places like islands simply hike up the interest to celebrate. There are numerous events and festivals you can be a part of, so you can customise your touring dates accordingly:

Dia de Los Reyes Magos

Dia de Los Reyes Magos: this festival is a big celebration in the island as it marks the Day of the Three Wise Men. It is celebrated on the 6th of January and is accompanied by street parades in most cities. Three Wise Men are disguised as so, and they go from town to town to distribute gifts to kids.

Fiesta del Almendro en Flor

Fiesta del Almendro en Flor: The festival of Almond in Blossom takes places in early February. This is celebrated as almond trees bloom at this time. It is greatly celebrated in Tejedaand Valsequillo, with folk dancing, singing and wine tasting.

Carnival around the island

Carnival around the island: this carnival is celebrated as an annual festival of the island. All the major cities celebrate this between February and March. People dress up in colourful costumes and indulge in a party atmosphere.

Holy Week: Semana Santa

Holy Week: Semana Santa is just one week before Easter and is likely to fall between March and April. There are solemn pre-Easter processions and it is typically celebrated by carrying religious statues around the streets.

Rally Islas Canarias Trofeo El Corte Inglés

Rally Islas Canarias Trofeo El Corte Inglés: this is a car racing event which happens between April and May. It brings in international competitors and attracts people who love cars and racing.

Fiesta de Los Aborígenes

Fiesta de Los Aborígenes: this is celebrated on 29th of April and is a feast day which marks the final uprising of Guanches against Spaniards along with the annexation of Gran Canaria by Crown of Castile in 1483. It is greatly celebrated in Fortaleza Grande, close to Santa Lucía.

Fiestas del Queso: Santa María de Guíais

Fiestas del Queso: Santa María de Guíais a small town that rejoices the making of traditional cheese on the 4th of May, each year. Singing and dancing are accompanied by lots of cheese eating!

Día de Canarias

Día de Canarias: this is celebrated on 30th of May, and is an official holiday for everyone in the Canary Islands. Every corner of the islands rejoices with major concerts and traditional Canarian wrestling. There are folk groups who bring out the culture of the Canarians too.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi: this is an act of respect towards religion and is celebrated by decorating the streets with flowers. The capital city looks mesmerising as it is a true feast of colours and is definitely worth a watch! This is celebrated during early June.

Fiesta de la Virgen del Pino

Fiesta de la Virgen del Pino: every year on 8th of September, this event is celebrated on the occasion of Mother Mary’s birth. Numerous pilgrims make their way to Terror for paying their homage to Our Lady. It makes the most important festival in this region and a lot of people fly to the island just to be a part of this event.

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