Best Time to visit Gran Canaria

Planning a trip to Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is often referred as ‘island of eternal spring’. This happens since they have a moderate weather and visitors can come all any point of time! Winters are slightly cooler but are nothing compared to central or northern Europe. This place still remains a pure paradise, so you can plan your tour according to your convenience. The warm winters attract the visitors from December to February and that tends to be the season for travel. Gran Canaria is a huge place which is why you won’t find it very crowded during this time, but the crowd increases during May to October. You get to enjoy the cool sea breeze, which refreshes your senses and keeps you away from the scorching sun of Spain.

Flight charges are most appealing during November and December since there are reduced numbers of visitors that come here. March, April and May are also the months when this place isn’t that popular, except for Easter holidays.

Tips to tour:

  • Packing for Gran Canaria: the island is famous for the year round sunshine but it has numerous climatic zones. For example, if you might want to hike up a snow-capped mountain one day and sunbathe at a beach on another. Carry plenty of beachwear along with sun protective elements. On the other hand, you might also need good trekking shoes, waterproof jackets and sweatshirts!
  • Canarian Cuisine: the cuisine that you get in Canaria is a mixture of Spanish, African and Latin-American. Get yourself ready for some fresh fish feasts along with grilled meats and fresh fruits from the tropical zone. Try out some tasty tapas at the bar and don’t miss out on the variety of wine you’d get. The northern coast provides the freshest fish and tastiest seafood!
  • Going around: if you are staying in the capital city, this part of the island is apt for walking. There are excellent bus services which offer visits to major attractions. You can also rent a car and keep visiting the attractions with greater ease and a shorter span of time.
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