Gran Canaria Travel Guide

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Gran Canaria Travel Guide

Gran Canaria is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is about 130 miles away from the African coast. This island is the 3rd largest and it neighbours Fuerteventura and Tenerife. The capital city is Las Palmas and that is situated towards the northeastern zone. People who drop in for short trips preferably get to the capital city. They get a blend of modern and old times, and that sums up their tour with ease.

People love Gran Canaria due to its diverse nature. They have a huge mixture of cultural people who follow different traditions and live in harmony. It also makes an amazing place to tour since there is little for every holidaymaker. It has a variety of coastlines along with spectacular beaches. The climate is moderately sunny which lets you visit the place as and when you like.

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The north is slightly cooler compared to the sunny south, and if you travel throughout the island you will get all that you can expect from it. From the lush forests which provide exotic flora and fauna to the volcanic craters and snow peaked mountains, Gran Canaria makes up ‘The Miniature Continent’ which quenches the thirst of your eyes! You seldom get acres of sand dunes with the backdrop of verdant mountains, don’t you?

This lovely island of Gran Canaria has a lot of their tourists and makes up a pretty valuable place to go around. From pilgrim destinations to nightlife, you will get more than what you can think of. There are plenty of beaches which can be chosen according to your travel group – preferable choices for family, friends, couples, etc. From beaches full of activities to the beach of solitaries, you will get all that you’d require.