Top Spanish Foods to Try in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura’s Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Fuerteventura is pretty variant, but one thing that you would find common in most of them, are that they include a lot of freshly caught marine animals! They keep their dishes fresh and simple, and that’s what makes it tastier! Apart from having the best fishes from the Atlantic Ocean, they boast to have tasty Majorera goat meat and cheese.

Local Specialities:

  • Mojo Rojo is a Canarian sauce which you would very commonly find with most dishes you order. If you opt for something as simple as potatoes, preferably the salted wrinkly ones, they’d give you this sauce which is made up of red peppers, garlic, olive oil, cumin and seasoning.
  • The cheese from goat’s milk is well exported from this island. Majorero cheese is popular all over the continent.
  • Chorizo Canario is a red sausage which is made with soft parts of pigs. It is added with paprika which brings in the main taste.
  • Morcilla is one more type of sausage which is made out of pig’s blood.
  • The best of seafood that you would get are mostly served like appetisers. Lapas or limpets are cooked in a pan and added with mojo Verde. You get to buy octopus served with mojo, but they can also be fried or dried. There are innumerable fishes to choose from, but Pescado is locally caught and is pretty famous. They are savoured grilled or fried. Viejas are the most common in the Canary Islands, and should be tried once! Apart from these, you can try corvina, cherne, sama and salema. These will be grilled, fried, baked, barbequed or boiled according to your requirements.
  • Try out the local dish of Gofio. It is a traditional item which is prepared with toasted flour and cereals. It is often consumed by combing in milk or honey. It can also be consumed in soups, fish broth, meat and veggies.
  • Apart from goat meat, you get to buy chicken, rabbit and pork. La Cabra en Salsa is a famous goat stew which is made with spices and veggies. Chicken lovers can have puchero canario, while rabbit lovers can try conejo en salmorejo.
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