Fuerteventura Travel Guide


Fuerteventura is the second largest island belonging to the Canary family. It is referred to be the ‘island of winds’ as well as the ‘island of fortunes’. It is a popular tourist’s spot, and the locals believe that it offers something for everyone who comes here. The amalgamation of subtropical location and strong winds maintains the perfect atmosphere all year round. This is why you will not be able to distinguish summers and winters that much. The island possesses lovely vegetation even with rare rains. The best part about the people who dwell here is the culture that they reflect. Their uniqueness blends in a touch of Hispanic and Canarian qualities, and they express their emotions in the most surprisingly cordial manner.

Once you get here, the most attractive places to visit would surely be the tonnes of beaches you can choose from! From the pristine waters to the sand dunes and unique floral mixtures, you would get every bit of idea why this island is a biosphere reserve protected by UNESCO. People love to sail to this island because they simply get what they want. From golf courses to windsurfing, from family-oriented theme parks to secluded beaches, you simply get the best blend of all you want out of a vacation. The island draws in numerous holidaymakers all through the year, and everyone wishes to come back time and again!