Top 4 beaches in San Sebastian

Beaches in San Sebastian

The beaches at San Sebastian are one of the prime attractions in the Basque region of Spain, especially during summers. Every beach has its own charm and personality. At the Concha Bay, you have La Concha, which is the most popular, and Ondarreta which is a family favourite. Zurriola is another popular beach crowded by youngsters and surfers, and the extension of Santa Clara Island, round off the beach group. Let us know them in a little more detail:

Playa de La Concha (La Concha Beach):

La concha beach san sebastian Sidsnet
View over La-Concha-Beach from Monte-Igeldo,San-Sebastian

La Concha is the most important beach at San Sebastian. It is famous across the globe, and features in numerous travel magazines, as an example to urban beaches. It has a harmonious integration to the centre of the city, which makes the environment better. The beach is about 1,350 meters long and 40 meters wide. It is smallest compared to the other beaches but is still the prime spot. The beach has all modern facilities from dressing rooms to restaurants.

Playa de Zurriola (Zurriola Beach):

San Sebastian Best Beaches, Spain
Zurriola Beach and Urumea River mouth in San Sebastian, Spain

Formerly known as the Gros beach, is today one of the best beaches for the youth. It had been remodelled in 1994 which engaged the younger people to indulge into some water sports. The beach has a calm atmosphere, making it very favourable to surf. At the right side, you get to see the Ulia Mount and then you have a Sagues area for playing beach volleyball. The beach is about 800 meters long and 110 meters wide. This gives you ample space to sunbathe and to make sand castles.

Playa de Ondarreta (Ondarreta Beach):

Views of Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian Best beaches sidsnet
Views of Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa

This is another beach, which falls among the three most important beaches of the city. It is an urban beach located in the Antiguo quarter. You can locate it just below the slope of Igueldo mount and see it border the sculpture works of Chillida Peine de Los Vientos and Pico del Loro. This part separates the beach from La Concha. It is half as long as La Concha, but similarly wide. You get to meet a lot of locals here as parking is much convenient by this place. You get all modern services in this place, and the waters are favorable enough for family trips.

Playa en la Isla de Santa Clara (Beach on Santa Clara Island):

Playa en la Isla de Santa Clara best top beaches in san sebastian donostia
Playa en la Isla de Santa Clara

This is located in the middle of the La Concha Bay and is the most characteristic picture of Donostia. From the unique building to the lighthouse, you get a great view of the location. Summers bring in all the visitors and locals, who like to picnic around and get all facilities they’d need at a beach. You can also have a great experience if you walk from the main beach of La Concha and then get to this part of the bay.

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