San Sebastian in One Day Itinerary

San Sebastian in One Day

One of the best tours you can take of San Sebastian is the tour previously discussed, the San Sebastian Food Tour. But the city has other tours that guests will want to take on their trip to the city.

San Sebastian Urban Adventures offers a bike tour that lasts 2.5 hours and will take you through some of San Sebastian’s oldest neighbourhoods while teaching you about the culture of the Basque Country. This tour costs 43 euros.

Other tours available include tours of the cities beaches, as well as private tours by foot.

Typical Foods: The most popular food in San Sebastian is the pintxos. Pintxos is a Basque word meaning spike,and that is where pintxos get the name from as pintxos is a skewered food. The pintxos could be fish or meet, with cheese or vegetables. These are available everywhere you look and are a great social snack when at the bar. Other popular food items in San Sebastian  include Bacalao Pil Pil which is a classic Basque dish, Talo Con Chistorra which is a tortilla and sausage dish that you can find just about anywhere and pastel vasco which is a pastry dish.

San Sebastian is a city that has something for everyone. From its classic architecture to its beautiful beaches, the city leaves an impression on you that it is more than just a resort town. It is somewhere that things happen. It is an exciting place offering year round entertainment and fun. That is not to say that San Sebastian is all just fun, it also showcases its rich history and culture. San Sebastian has done a good job of maintaining past relics to show tourists its past and teach them about the Basque Country.

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