Best Time to visit San Sebastian

Planning a Trip San Sebastian

When planning your trip to San Sebastian, you will want to lay out exactly what it is that you plan to do and where you plan to go once you’re in the city, in order to be as prepared as possible. You will also want to set up reservations for those Michelin-starred restaurants, if that holds your interest, to ensure that you have a seat. This may be difficult to accomplish, so you may want to establish the help of a luxury concierge.

This part of Spain has a moderate and oceanic climate. Summer days can be warm and humid, with cooler winter days. Tourist season never really stops in San Sebastian, due to the mostly tolerable weather all year around, but it is definitely busiest in the summer months. If you want less crowds, the off season months will still offer nice weather, but with less crowds, but you likely won’t want to enjoy the beautiful beaches during the coldest weather of the year.

The city hosts several major festivals throughout the year. These are great times to visit, as everything is open and the entire city is buzzing and alive with locals and guests alike.

Best Time to visit San Sebastian

If your stay falls in the middle of the summer, you will for sure want to visit the famed La Concha Beach. Not only is the beach a great place to spend the day, it also additionally offers beautiful views of the Island Santa Clara and the Igeldo Hills. Along the beach you will find a boardwalk, a bike path and restaurants. The town has four total beaches, but La Concha Beach is the most well known and popular. Be sure to pack your swim suit when planning your summer getaway to San Sebastian!

The Basques reside in San Sebastian and are known for their unique and historic culture. They are different culturally from other European groups and they even speak their own language, Euskara. You can pick up some of this language over the course of a couple days while here, just by listening. As when always visiting a new destination, you will more than likely want to focus on learning a few key phrases before arriving. This is an important part of preparing and planning for your trip that is easy to overlook.

While you’re taking in the sites and learning a new language, you will want to check in on when restaurants and bars open, as this will greatly affect your trip’s itinerary and your before-departure planning. The opening times for all dining and nightlife attractions change per the season, but in general lunch is from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and dinner is from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. These times can, and often do, change when the season changes, as stated. It’s not always easy to find food outside of these timeframes, so you will want to make sure you research the times in advance. When purchasing alcohol, you will generally pay less than you would in your home country. But this comes at the sacrifice of the size of the beverage. It will likely be less than a standard pour than that which you are used to where you are from. Often times, there will be even smaller sizes you can order, you’ll just have to to ask. Keep in mind that you will most likely want to drink more cocktails than normal, due to the small sizes, when planning out your budget.

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