Top things to do in Menorca

Menorca is an island with a variety of top things to do.  You can opt to visit the sites of pre-history ruins or 17th-century castles or go shopping at the quaint shops of Ciutadella Old Town.  When you are not having fun on the tourist-friendly beaches, you can take advantage of the many seafood restaurants and snack bars that line the shores.  For activities, you are also spoilt for choice.  There are, of course, the usual watersports, but you can also choose to head off into the interior to hike or go mountain biking.  A visit to Menorca means you are never at a loss for something to do.  Menorca is quite simply a delight.

Puerto de Mahon

best things to do in Menorca, Puerto de Mahon
Puerto de Mahon

Puerto de Mahon isn’t that far from the main part of the city and is a great place to visit while in the town of Mahon. The port offers great restaurants and bars from which many tourists enjoy watching the boats and cruise ships sailing in and out of the harbour.  From the port you can take a boat tour to explore the coast of the island  or opt for a glass-bottom boat tour to view the world beneath the waves.

Ciutadella Old Town

top things to see in Menorca
Ciutadella Old Town in Menorca

Another popular attraction is the Old Town of Ciutadella. The area offers a glimpse of Minorca’s past, as much of the Old Town looks just the same as it did when it was built. Wandering through the streets, you’ll find small streets, with stone arches overhead. In this delightful Old Town, is the Cathedral of Ciutadella, and the Castle of San Nicolas. Ses Voltes Street is filled with quaint shops and buildings and should be included in your walking itinerary.

Cathedral of Ciutadella

top attraction in Ciutadella, Menorca
Ciutadella Cathedral in Menorca

Built on the site of a former mosque, with its imposing neogothic architecture is The Cathedral of Ciutadella.   Construction of the cathedral began on in 1300AD, but it was not completed until 1362.  While the building has been damaged and restored several times since it was originally built, it has maintained its original look until today. You can take a tour of the Cathedral either by booking in advance or you can pay at the booth at the entrance to the Cathdral.

Ses Voltes Street

ses voltes pedestrian street is a top attraction in Menorca
Ses Voltes Street in Ciutadella

While in Old Town you will want to head over to Ses Voltes Street. Best described as a town centre, this street is loaded with shops, restaurants and is remarkable for its many stone arches. This part of Old Town is known for for its medieval architecture which is most certainly a great point of interest.

Ciutadella is also home to the Castle of San Nicolas, built in the 17th century and is remarkably small. While not a huge tourist attraction, It provides a look into the city’s past, and also offers a great view of the city, and the harbour.

Talati de Dalt

must visit places in Menorca, Talati De Dalt
Talati de Dalt in Menorca

One of the largest attractions in Menorca is the Talati de Dalt, a pre-historic site. Here you will find old structures from past inhabitants, such as homes, fountains, wells, artificially enlarged caves and more. While here, check out the Taula, which is a  stone monument that is similar to Stonehenge in the U.K.  All of the structures were built between 1000 BC and 300 BC and are Menorca’s major attraction.


best nightclub to visit in Minorca
Cova d’en Xoroi Nightclub

Nightclubs aren’t usually considered attractions unless you’re in Ibiza, but Menorca has something really unusual it is a nightclub built into a cave.  The nightclub Cova d’en Xoroi is located in Alaior, and is, built into a cave. There is seating within the cave as well as on the outside.  A visit to this nightclub is quite a unique experience and one you should add to your list of places to go. The outside patios offer great views over the sea and are especially lovely at sunset.  This viby nightclub is open every day from May through to September.

Es Mercadal

top pueblos to visit in Menorca
Es Mercadal in Menorca

Es Mercadal sits at the base of Mount Toro and is an old medieval styled market town. The town offers great restaurants and bars, as well as old time buildings with white washed walls. It is known for its local sweets, amargos and crespellines.

Hiking, Trekking, Trail Running, Mountain Biking

Cami de Cavalls

top hiking trails in Menorca
View from Cami de Cavalls

Cami de Cavalls 360° is a trail system that runs around the entire island of Menorca. In total, the trail system is about 185 kilometres long and can be accomplished by hiking, trekking or mountain biking. The trail system offers multiple stages, so if you are planning a trip you can be assured that you will find a trail to suit your level of fitness.  For more information contact Cami de Cavalls 360°.

Mount Toro

top mountain view in menorca
Sunset view from top of Mount Toro

Mount Toro 1,122 feet, is the tallest peak in Menorca. The peak is accessible by car, with car parks at the summit. On a clear day, you can see the entire island from the top. Mount Toro is also home to the Augustinian Monastery, which has a 16th-century guard tower next to it.

Scuba Diving

best activites in menorca
scuba diving in Menorca

Finding somewhere to scuba dive in Menorca isn’t too difficult. There are dive sites and diving schools all around the island and  dive-tours will take you through deep water caves where you  see wonders that you can only see under water. Scuba diving in Menorca costs anywhere from 100-200 euros per person.

Map Of top things to do in Menorca

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