How to get to Mallorca

Mallorca is served by the Palma de Mallorca Airport, which is near the city of Palma. It is the third largest airport in Spain and is an international airport. Popular airlines servicing the airport are Air France, British Airways, Easy Jet, Lufthansa and Norwegian Air. Given the size of the airport, getting to Mallorca isn’t an issue.

Getting around Mallorca is a bit more complicated. Bus service is extensive but it can be infrequent. You can see many of the island’s towns by bus, and it is a cheap way to travel, but the buses may only run once or twice a day. Palma has its own bus service and is also easily walkable. It’s also a great place to ride a bicycle.

Some areas are served by trains or trams. Visitors will want to do some research to see if this is available to them in the location they are staying.

By far the best way to see the island, renting a car has a lot of benefits. You can visit the roads in the high peaks of the island’s northern mountains, and visit other places that the bus system may not travel to.

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