Top Spanish Foods to Try in Mallorca

Mallorca’s  Gastronomy

Mallorca has a rich culture and is known for its arts and gastronomy. The island has over 2,400 restaurants. Some popular eats include sobrassada and the pastry ensaimada. The island hosts the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival annually, which began in 2012. The festival attracts international attention and occurs every November.

Mallorca has had several famous music works by George Sand, Frederic Chopin and more composed on the island, as well as several famous authors who either lived on the island or visited often, that wrote pieces about the island. Most of these musicians and writers made their stays in the winter, and George Sand even wrote about it in her novel “A Winter in Majorca.”

While on the island you will want to try sobrassada, which is a raw (but cured) sausage. It is made of pork, and various spices. This is popular in Mallorca as well as the other Balearic islands.

Another item to try is ensaimada. This is a pastry dish that is eaten in the Balearic Islands as well as Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, but originates from Mallorca. It is a sweet bread and and usually comes shaped in a spiral.

Visiting the largest island in the Balearic Island chain offers a rare mix of things to do. Mallorca is more than just beaches, and that is why tourism is booming on the island. From mountains, beaches and old ruins of the island’s past, to crazy roads and big caves, Mallorca has it all.


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