How to get to Ibiza

Getting to Ibiza

Ferries are slower compared to planes, if you aren’t travelling from far, but are surely much more romantic. It also gives you a different experience than what you usually have. Ferries are a better option when your trip is unorganised and unplanned. When you need an immediate way to get to the island, booking a ferry is cheaper and convenient. Barcelona usually has a daily ferry, although the company may differ from one to another. They leave by 11 p.m. on the departure day and reach mid-day by the next.

Ibiza by Air:

There are regular flights which get you to Ibiza International Airport from major places like A Coruna, Alicante, Asturias, Badajoz, Bilbao, Barcelona, Leon, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Santander, Seville, Santiago, Valencia, Vigo and Zaragoza.  There are also many direct international flights.  You also have flights coming from major parts of UK, Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam, Belfast, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, Bordeaux, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf,  Edinburgh, Stockholm,  Istanbul, Florence, Glasgow, Hamburg, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Lyon, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Naples, Paris, Prague, Rome, Tel Aviv, Venice, Vienna and Zurich.  On reaching the airport, you can practically get to any part of the island by renting a car. If you book flights from Barcelona, you would get maximum options in terms of timing. There are regular flights and tend to be cheaper than ferries, during weekdays and off-seasons.

Ibiza by ferry:

There are lots of ferry crossings which operate between Spain and Ibiza. There are 3 ports in Spain and 2 in Ibiza for this link. There are about 70 ferries crossing each day and they diverge among 7 ferry routes. There are 5 companies for serving ferry services, and they include:

  • Mediterranean Pitiusa (only goes between Formentera and Ibiza)
  • Balearia (leaves from Barcelona, Formentera, Denia, Valencia and Mallorca)
  • Trasmediterranea (leaves from Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia)
  • Aquabus (only goes between Formentera and Ibiza)
  • Trasmapi (leaves from Barcelona, Valencia and Formentera

The Mediterranean Pitiusa has a record of having the fastest ferry, which gets you to Ibiza within 28 minutes from Spain. Trans Mediterranean leaves four ferries a week from Barcelona, while you also get a boat from Valencia which runs daily and others from Palma on Mallorca Island. The Ibiza port is few kilometres from the main town, and you could book a car to get to the main city.

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