Top Spanish Foods and Drinks to try in Ibiza

Ibiza’s Gastronomy

The history and location of Ibiza offer to its gastronomy too. The fishes and shellfishes are greatly consumed and are obtained every morning by the fishermen. Some local dishes you would find in most menus would include cod, hake, swordfish, sole, amberjack, sea bream, etc. You get the freshest fishes from the shacks, and they are comparatively cheaper to buy. You also get types of meat added to hearty stews. Try the local sausages named butifarra and sobrasada. Ibiza sells wines made in the most traditional way of grape extraction and is of high quality too.

Ibiza sells all the special Spanish dishes like gazpacho, paella, etc. Due to the vast tourist’s appeal, there are numerous international restaurants here. From the traditional tapas bars to Japanese Sushi or Moroccan delights, you get all that you’d want.

Local specialities:

  • Paella: this is based on seafood but sometimes made of meat too. It is added with rice and saffron and fills two people with one serving.
  • Guisat de peix: this dish is made of fishes and sold with potatoes. It is taken back to the kitchen when leftover, and then used as a second-course stew.
  • Borrida de Rajada: this is freshly caught skate baked with almonds.
  • Sofrit pages: this is a stew made of chicken or meat, and added with potatoes and pepper.
  • Flao: it is a creamy tart made of fresh cheese, mint and eggs.
  • Ensaimadas: this is a type of croissant filled with chocolate, cream, sweet pumpkin or icing sugar.

Local Drinks:

  • Vi pages: this is a robust made of local wine, and looks red in colour.
  • Granizadoz: this is made of a locally grown fruit. They are freshly squeezed, frozen, crushed and then used for consumption.
  • Horchatas: this is a frozen form of crushed nut milk.
  • Hierbas Ibicencas: this is a drink based of aniseed. Local herbs are added for flavouring and are served on the rocks for good digestion.
  • Frigola: this is an aromatic drink based out of herbs. This too is great for digestion.
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