Ibiza in One Day Itinerary

Ibiza in One Day

Ibiza might be popular due to the pristine beaches and nightlife, but there is much more to tour through this Balearic Island, off the Spain’s coast. Take the initial part of the morning to go to the beach, as it is not quite profitable to spend most of the day there. Again, don’t make it too early, as you might see some parties end at that time. If you’re here at around 9 to 10 a.m. you’ll experience a proper beach crowd with all the facilities you’d need. By late morning, get to the Old Town to visit the architectural grandeur. Wander through the quaint streets and browse through the shops in the open air. Don’t miss out on the castle and the archaeological site of Puig des Molins.

If you think you are short on time, you can rent a bike to go out and about this region. Although, walking through the main highlights is always a better option. For lunch, rest at an outdoor bar and have some Basque tapas. If you are keener on getting to the scenic beauty, you could head to the Ses Salinas and watch the fragile ecosystem.

As evening sets in, you would like to get the best of the nightlife, because it isn’t something you’d want to miss out on. You can have a light supper at a restaurant to have the typical Basque cuisine and then head straight to nightlife entertainment. Ibiza is known to be the ‘world’s party capital’ which is why people don’t take a chance of missing out on the experience. From the top class DJs to the drinking and dancing, you’d probably have one of the best nightlife experiences here. Make sure you don’t go overboard on partying when you probably have another destination to get to, the following morning!

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