Events & Festivals in Ibiza


Medieval festival in Ibiza (second weekend of May):

Every second weekend of May is celebrated to commemorate the World Heritage Status with this medieval festival of Ibiza. This is celebrated in the World Heritage site of Dalt Vila, fortified in the old town. This is an annual cultural and recreational event which praises the legacy of the multi-cultures brought down from centuries – from Phoenicians to Romans, to the Arabs and finally Christians. The town is styled like the Middle Ages and everyone dress up traditionally too. The locals put in their best effort to make the Dalt Vila look good, and everyone enjoys the festivities turned on by the city.

Jazz festival in Ibiza (July or August):

For three to four days, either in the month of July or August, the city is filled with professional Jazz musicians. The city experiences their biggest music festivals, which draws in tourists from all over Spain. There are eminent personalities who are honoured as guests and the city gets quite hyped up during this time. If you plan to get your holiday tour between two of these months, try to adjust the dates with this event.

Patron Saint’s Day in Santa Eulalia (February 11th – 13th):

This event pays homage to the Patron saint of the region and locals try their best to put up the festive environment. This saint was a believer of Christ and had gone against Romans who forced people to believe in Roman Gods. Eulalia had escaped from the law of court and professed herself as a Christian. Legends have said that a white dove was seen coming out from her mouth and fly around, and this is followed by a snowfall. This incident marked her sainthood and people started following her. The city brightens up with parades, craft fairs, exhibitions, musical performances, etc. It finally ends with traditional feasting and gatherings!

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