Best time to visit Ibiza

Planning a trip to Ibiza:

When to travel:

People travelling to Ibiza need to plan their trip according to their main reason for visiting. If you want to go to Ibiza to enjoy summertime, but not have too much of crowd, then April to June is apt for you. From the months of June to September, the temperature is favourable with little rains, apt sunshine and it draws in the young crowd who love to party. August and September has the temperature above 30 degree Celsius and the water temperature is about 25 degree Celsius. The maximum events which include partying are from June to September. The beaches and swimming pools are filled with people who come to see how the city brightens up during these months. People who want to visit the city for its important sites should come anytime between March and September. Octobers have heavy rains, whereas it gets cold thereafter. January is the coldest, and by the end of February, you find it favourable again.

Tips on travel:

  • The attractive times to tour Ibiza have pleasant summers, or they are bearably warm. You need to carry light clothes and wear comfortable sandals or flip flops for walking about. People like to stock their luggage with beach-like clothes, from bikinis to light cotton wears.
  • Also, have a sunscreen handy and keep your sunglasses on.
  • Clubbing in this city is a very different experience. It gets pretty sweaty with too much of crowd, so it is good to dress after knowing this disadvantage. People usually wear wild outfits, but beachwear and bikinis are fine.
  • Restaurants have to be hit at 2 p.m. for lunch and stay latest till 5. Dinners are as early at 9 but you’d definitely get food where there is a late night party.
  • It is cheaper to have drinks at tapas bars, than having at proper restaurants during lunch or dinner.
  • People leave 5% as a tip which is a general norm, but you can range it up to 10%. Larger places where you have international norms can again be different.
  • Lots of bars allow you to their restroom even if you’re not drinking there. They’d still appreciate serving you a drink at least!
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