How to get to Formentera

The closest airport to Formentera is in Ibiza, which means you can only get to the island by boat. Ferries run between Ibiza and Formentera daily, with the average ferry ride being about 30 minutes. There are several ferry companies available for you to choose from, each offering 10-20 sailings a day. These ferries will leave Ibiza Port and land at La Savina in Formentera. Ferry ticket prices vary, starting at around 16,50€ each way.

Once on the island, you can travel by way of the vehicle (if you have one) or you can bicycle. Formentera is bicycle friendly, and as previously stated, you will find bike paths on the main roads. The island is relatively flat, which makes biking incredibly easy.

Another popular way to get around is via motor scooter. These can be rented fairly cheap, and are a great way to get around the island. Make sure to wear a helmet, as if you’re caught without one you can be fined.

Bus service in Formentera is limited to just seven stops. You can ask the driver to stop anywhere on the line, though. Tickets for this are bought when you get on the bus. The bus routes start in La Savina and return to La Savina.

There are taxis on the island. When getting into a taxi, you will find that the prices are pre-set, and can be more expensive at set times of the week. When arriving at the port, it will be easy to locate a taxi. It can be difficult to find taxis in other parts of the island.

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