Top 10 Beaches in Formentera

Formentera is best known for its quiet beaches, which can stretch quite a long way, as well as its unofficial nude beaches. Many of the islands beaches allow for nude sunbathing, which makes Formentera a favorite among naturists. Here are the top beaches in Formentera:

Es Racó de S’Alga

While technically not on the island of Formentera, this beach is still a part of Formentera. Located on the southern side of the island is Espalmado, and this beach offers crystal clear water and a fine white sand. The beach itself is backed by dunes filled with bushes and shrubs. Getting to this beach isn’t exactly easy, though. You can only get to the beach by boat, but this doesn’t keep this beach from being crowded by both tourists and locals.

Playa de Ses Illetes

This beach offers beautiful white sands, with views of Ibiza. That is what you can expect to find at Ses Illetes. This beach is on the northern side of Formentera, and is a popular spot for boats. The water is crystal clear, turquoise and calm. If you’re willing to walk a little ways, you can get to parts of the beach that have water on either side of the beach. The beach lacks infrastructure, so don’t expect to find bathrooms, restrooms or any other normal facilities here. Ses Illetes is  arguably the most popular beach on the island regardless, so it can get crowded at times.

Playa de Migjorn

Migjorn Beach is roughly 8 or so kilometers long and is full of white sandy beach, the kind that you’ve come to expect in this part of the world. One great aspect of this beach is its location. Nearby, on select parts of the beach, you will find restaurants and bars away from the shore itself. You can even find a stand alone beach bar, if you’re in the right spot. The beach itself is backed by city life in some spots, and nature in others. The beach has fine sand, with the occasional rock formation jutting out in to the sea. As with most Formentera beaches, clothing is optional.

Cala Saona

Located in the bay of the Cala Saona, this beach is the only beach in the area. This beach varies from other beaches on the island due to the fact that it is not located on the coast. The beach is smaller, with calmer and more shallow waters. On either side of the beach you can find small rocky cliffs, which are great for getting a view of the beach and the bay. Located directly behind this beach is the hotel, Hotel Cala Saona. This is a nice feature, as the hotel provides beach rentals such as chairs, umbrellas etc. It also means that there are restrooms nearby. The hotel has a restaurant as well, if you want to take a quick break from the beach and sun.

Playa de Llevant

Playa de Llevant’s location on the northern and eastern coast of the island offers beautiful views of Ibiza. Aside from its beautiful views, though, the beach offers a long and popular stretch of beach that is backed by sand dunes. Playa de Llevant is relatively calm, but can see some crowds during the peak season. This is a popular nude beach.

Playa es Pujols

This beach is located near the city Es Pujols, and offers great amenities due to the location. It is close to the bars and restaurants of the city, but still offers a great place to unwind. As with other beaches on the island, the water is clean and clear, with beautiful shades of blue. There are some great views of the island nearby, if you’re willing to walk up some of the hills. The area is a bit more touristy due to its location, but it is a great place for everyone to sunbathe.

Faro de Mola

This may not really be a beach, but this is a beautiful coastal and oceanic sight to see. Located 142 meters above sea level, this large cliff rises out of the water. At the top there is a beautiful lighthouse that was ordered to be built by Queen Isabel II. The views from the top are stunning, and are unlike anything else you will see on the island. While there isn’t a traditional beach here, some do sunbathe on the rocks overlooking the sea. Aside from the lighthouse, there are also some small caves nearby that are popular for people to explore.

Calo Des Mort

While not the biggest beach on the island, this area pacts a lot of character. The beach is small, remote and is surrounded by rocky cliffs. There is a large grouping of rocks that juts out in to the water, as well as rock formations that are sitting in the water just off the beach. The water is clear and shallow, but can be rough when the tides come in. If you plan to visit this beach, check the tide, as that dictates how much available space there will be on the small beach. It is not uncommon for people to sunbathe on the rocks.

Parque Natural de Ses Salinas

This is a large natural park that is set between Ibiza and Formentera. Here you will find a variety of beaches that feature rocks as well as white sand. The park is home to a wide array of animals and plants. It is a great place to visit and check out the many beaches.

Es Calo

While not really a beach, this area is great for snorkeling and diving. The water here is clean and clear, which provides for the perfect setting for these water activities. Due to minerals in the rocks, the water here is an incredible deep blue which makes this area very picturesque.

The island is best known for its beaches, but cycling, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving are all big attractions on the island.

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