Formentera in One Day Itinerary

Formentera in One Day

Many tourists visit the island for just one day. It is easy to get to from Ibiza and is just a 30-minute ferry ride. A day trip to the island should include a scooter rental. Start the day off by visiting the Faro De Mola. This breathtaking view will get you ready for the day ahead, and show off some of the beauty that is on the island. From here, spend the day at the beach. Try and hit two to three beaches, if possible. The island’s beaches offer such a varied experience, from steep rocks and a narrow beach, to a beach with water on each side, the day is best spent not just at one beach, but multiple. Before heading back to Ibiza, stop in La Savina and grab a drink with dinner. This small port town has plenty of shops and restaurants for tourist to visit before heading back to Ibiza.

Due to the island’s relatively small size, it is easy to cycle the island in a day. There are also cycling tours that you can take, which will show you landmarks such as the turrets that were constructed to protect the island, as well as the small villages that make up the island. The island has created a network for cyclists on its main roads, as you can find biking lanes on most roadways.

Boating and sailing in the island are a popular activity. There are several beaches that can only be accessed by boat, but you will find boats anchored at most beach locations. Not only is boating a great way to relax, it’s also an excellent way to view the islands at times rugged shoreline.

Due to its warm summer temperatures and clear visibility, Formentera is a great place to scuba and snorkel. Visibility can reach 20-30 meters, which makes for excellent views of the reefs that surround the island.

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