Balearic Islands Travel Guide

Balearic Islands

Balearic is a group of islands that is divided into two main parts – Gimnesias in the North and Pitiusas in the South-West. The place enjoys a happy sunshine almost throughout the year enabling the tourists to go for fishing and hiking. Each island has a different air, which is incited by years of isolation, from the mainstream of the European cultural development. The island is renowned for celebrating numerous Roman Catholic Religious Festivals, some of which have its origin hundred years ago. Pig breeding is the main livestock production here. The pigs from the original Iberian pig stock are used in making quality meat products.

According to tourism, the Balearic Islands are one of the most demanded destinations at western Mediterranean. As you get here and start exploring, you will figure out why! Going through the enchanting coves, dazzling sunsets, lush natural landscapes and turquoise waters will leave you mesmerised. The islands come with a relaxing atmosphere which gives the visitors the peace they were looking for. It is soon contrasted with parties and exciting nightlife – you just have to choose the correct island or beach to get the best of both.

The islands are also known to gives you a great experience as you wander through the roads of fishing villages, discover natural landscapes or indulge into water sports. Two small corners of the Mediterranean paradise are Minorca and Formentera. These are perfect for tranquillity, while Mallorca and Ibiza are the largest islands to get every facility you’d ever need! The famous capital of Palma at Mallorca is worth touring through, and it gets you to highlights of Cabrera National Park and mountains of the Sierra de Tramontana. Ibiza has been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO for being enriched in biodiversity and cultural attractions. Go through the Phoenician archaeological site of Sa Caleta, necropolis of Puig des Molins and historic centre Eivissa during the day, and then indulge into their nightlife which doesn’t stop till dawn!