How to get to Zaragoza

How to Get To Zaragoza

Reaching Zaragoza is easy because it has a strategic location in Spain. It is about an equidistance of 300km from major cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia. There are numerous ways to reach your destination and the transports are as follows:


The international airport of Zaragoza brings in flights from major parts of Spain and European cities. The centre can be reached quickly from the airport by a taxi, that’d cost around €25 or by a bus that’d cost around €1.85. There are cheap flights that can be booked from Madrid and Barcelona in advance. Some of the major places to book a flight from would include Lanzarote, Menorca and Palma de Mallorca.

By Train:

Zaragoza is connected by the high-speed AVE which reaches you from Madrid within 1 hour 20 minutes, along with other places like Barcelona, Guadalajara Yebes, Calatayud, Lleida, Huesca, Tardienta and Camp de Tarragona. The lines between Malaga and Barcelona, again Barcelona and Seville, stop at Zaragoza in between. The city has multi-transport depot, if you want to get to the Zaragoza Delicias station, it is just a few minutes from the centre. On top of this, Zaragoza serves you with an intercity railway service which connects major cities of Spain along with the regional areas. You can simply opt for the RENFE Spain pass which will let you travel around the region. The pass is valid for a month and comes in two formats of Business and of Club & Tourists. Book this in advance as its availability starts 6 months before, and includes 4 to 12 journeys through one pass.

By Bus:

The modern multi-transport hub is the Zaragoza Delicias station. It can be reached to the city from major places in Spain. Madrid and Barcelona takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach.  Alsa Bus offers round trip non-refundable tickets from Madrid to Zaragoza for as low as 10 Euros if you book in advance. You might also get a bus from France, but it isn’t very frequent. The main lines travel from Tarbes, Lourdes, Oloron and Pau.

By Car:

If you come by road, the city is connected by AP-2 from Barcelona (3 and half hours drive) and AP-68 from Bilbao (3 hours drive). The A-2 dual motorway takes you from Madrid to Zaragoza in under 3 hours and a half.   The dual highway between Levante and France goes through Zaragoza by N-330. N-232 links Santander, Vinaroz, Logrono with Zaragoza. There are two ring roads in the city, Z-30 and Z-40, and they improve the access towards the districts.

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