Top Spanish Foods to Try in Zaragoza

Top Spanish Foods to Try in Zaragoza

The contrasting landscape and cultural mixture make the gastronomy of Zaragoza. They include a wide range of products which are always fresh. From the soups, stews, casseroles, barbequed meats, roasted meat, fresh veggies and legumes, you get all sorts of food here.

Local Specialities:

  • Ternasco: baby lamb either roasted or barbequed.
  • Chilindron: roasted chicken added with tomato, onion sauce and pepper.
  • Escabeche de pollo, conejo or perdiz: chicken, rabbit or patridge simmered in oil and vinegar and added with spices and veggies. Sometimes fishes are used instead too.
  • Migas: light pan-fried bread crumbs added with garlic, onion and chorizo. It is often served with grapes.
  • Ajoarriero: cod fish with eggs, and added with potatoes and garlic.


  • Frutas de Aragon: it is Turkish delight covered with fruits and chocolate.
  • Crespinños/Crespillos: it is a borrage dipped in a form of batter and then fried.
  • Guirlaclies: it is a type of nougat added with almonds, sugar and honey.
  • Melocoton and Peras con vino: peaches and pears added in wine.
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