Top 10 Things to do in Zaragoza

Basilica de Nuestra senora del Pilar

The main attraction of the Holy Chapel is the statue of Our Lady, which brings in numerous tourists in this destination. Saint James the Greater is known to have prayed at the Ebro River, in AD 40, and he had got a vision of Mother Mary. This was the main reason for the construction of this 15 inches tall and woody statue, to have been placed in the chapel and inside a glittering shrine. Pilgrims are allowed to kiss at the opening behind the statue and that is considered to be very lucky. The cupola on the chapel was frescoed by Francisco de Goya.

Monasterio de Piedra Park

This is a natural park which bestows panoramic views of fascinating rock formation and is blended with lush green vegetation. There is a monastery attached to the park, but it stays closed between 1:15 p.m. to 3 p.m. Plan your tour accordingly so that you have ample time to visit both the areas. Historically, the monastery was a defensive fort to the Moors when they were captured by Alfonso II of Aragon in 1194. Later, the area was given to Cistercian monks who had recreated this into a monastery and lived for over 700 years. The park is inclusive of lakes, caves and waterfalls, and will take you about two hours for a thorough visit.

La Seo de Zaragoza

This site has gone through various architectural styles and holds different significance. At first, it was a temple built in the 1st century BC. It was known to be a church of San Vicente during the Visigoth period. It was later converted into a mosque, and in the 12th century, the first Christian church had been established. It was reconstructed towards the north and not the east so that it didn’t face towards Mecca – the most important pilgrim for Muslims. The Cathedral that survives at present has a combination of Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque architectures.

Palacio de la Aljaferia

This place has Arabic origin from the Bennihud family and dates back to 11th century. This had been redesigned for the kings of Aragon and again for Catholic Monarchs. It had been divided around a rectangular patio and was surrounded by porticoes. The inside is well decorated with traceries which reflect the chased capitals. There was a private mosque for the emirs which had been restored with floral décor.

El Tubo

This is located in the city centre between Estébanes street and Cuatro de Agosto street, and is frequently visited for experiencing the tradition of eating Spanish tapas. There are wide streets which are always crowded with people, who love to savour through the bars. Every bar has their speciality of Spanish tapas so you cannot have them all! Some restaurants have more of the traditional items, which is why you should choose the one which serves you best!

Ascensor del Pilar

The El Pilar has 4 great towers. There is a modern glass lift installed in Torre Alta de la Ribera, which lets visitors go through the spire, walking on the stairs constructed. It leads to a lookout point which is properly protected from strong winds which batter the city frequently. This is about 80 meters high and lets you grab the view of the entire city of Zaragoza like never before! The Ebro River runs by the tower and makes the view mesmerising!

Calle Alfonso 1

This street is the main street in the Old Quarter. It brings The Coso and Plaza del Pilar together. It is known to have lovely buildings, while you also get the panorama of Basilica del Pilar. The street had been constructed in 1865, and it was opened to improve the city’s aesthetics. This also led to wealthy families building houses in this area.

Museo de Zaragoza

This is the main museum which distributes collection to five more museums. It had been devoted to archaeology and fine arts. It displays artefacts which date back from prehistoric to Islamic times. They have exceptional mosaics, 15 paintings by Goya, more tan 24 etchings, etc.

Puerto Venecia

This is shopping destination where you can take out some time for leisure. It is the biggest in Spain since it covers an area of over 206,000 m² and 600,000 m² plot. There are over 10,000 parking places and services to take to the city centre. Opens from about 10 a.m and doesn’t close till 10 p.m. Suit your timing accordingly to make the most of the shopping experience.

Museo Goya- Colección Ibercaja

This museum was opened in 1979 and boasts of Renaissance civil architecture of Zaragoza. It holds the most prominent works of Goya and has a separate gallery for them. The displays date from 15th century till the 1970s. From paintings and sculptures, there is a lot of sees. Opt for a guided tour so that you make the best of the visit in the shortest possible time.

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