Holidays and Festivals in Zaragoza

Zaragoza Festivals

Fiestas del Pilar:

The festival celebrates the El Pilar. It takes places every November, and people come here from neighbouring cities. Zaragoza comes alive with parades, flowers, music and drama to honours the Virgin of Pilar.

Semana Santa:

This is celebrated during the Holy Week at Zaragoza. The history dates back to over 700 years and revolves around Easter. More than 16,000 brothers, create 48 processions and there are about 7,000 gongs and drums accompanying it. They walk through the city and make every corner vibrate.

Fiestas de Primavera:

This festival is held in May and is celebrated to welcome spring and mark the end to winters. It is a folk festival which includes regional music, costumes and cuisines.

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