Best time to visit Zaragoza

This place has a continental Mediterranean climate which makes the winters pretty cold and the summers equally hot. The rainfall is pretty low with an average of 318mm per year. Summers are dry with occasional rains. The best time to come to this city is during spring. Come here anytime between April and mid-June, to experience the most favourable climate. You might have a great time if you visit during Easter. Late June and July are pretty hot during the day, so the evenings are bustled with people on the road. The city is filled with tourists during the El Pilar festival in October, so that again is a popular time for visits.

Tips to Tour:

  1. The first thing that attracts all the tourists is the 2,000-year-old history that the city offers. They perfectly blend in the cultures of Romans, Moors, Jews and Christians. Some places you cannot miss , Roman ruin of Circus, Aljaferia Palace, Baroque architecture, Mujedar Pilar Basilica, Goya’s artworks, etc.
  2. For leisure, you get numerous options like exhibitions, cinemas, concerts, fairs and festivals. The city is spectacular due to their cultural programme all year round.
  3. Zaragoza has numerous shopping spots, which can be located from pedestrian areas to shopping malls. They sell something to suit everybody’s taste.
  4. There are plenty of pubs and bars which can satisfy your nightlife experience. Some terrace bars stay open till the sun rises!
  5. Going for a stroll is something that every local is used to. This is a traditional activity – to walk and explores the areas around. Admire the monuments as you sample through some tapas.
  6. Go for a gastronomic outing, where you take out a few hours of the day to sample through the local cuisine. They sell some of finest Spanish dishes along with several types of wines.
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