Top Spanish foods to try in Seville

Sevilla’s Gastronomy

While you are visiting Seville you must eat, and if you are going to eat you should try the local delicacies. There are many different delicacies in this part of Spain that are worth trying but the following ones are the creme de la crème

Secreto Iberico

foods to eat in seville
Secreto Iberico dish

This is a cut of pork that is prepared so that it simply melts in your mouth. This dish will change any preconceived notions you had about pork.

Carrillada de Cerdo

seville food specialties
Carrillada de Cerdo

This is also a pork dish. It is made up of the cheek of the hog and it is stewed with carrots, cloves, and garlic for flavour. It is usually served with a glass of red wine.

Espinacas con Garbanzos

typical dishes in seville
Spinach with chickpeas, typical dish in Seville

This is a flavorful dish of spinach and chickpeas that is served with a huge crouton. You will love the intense flavours.

Serranito de Lomo

top foods to eat in seville
Serranito de Lomo Sandwich in Seville

This is a pork sandwich that is considered to be the signature dish of Seville. It is made of pork that has been seared and on top of that is Serrano ham and grilled bell peppers. You will find versions of the sandwich that also have an egg on it, but all of the sandwiches will include alioli and tomato slices. There is even a version of the sandwich that is made from chicken for the people who simply do not eat pork.

Solomillo al Whiskey

foods to eat in Seville Andalusia
Pork with Whisky sauce and potatoes, photo credit

This is a whisky sauce used to glaze pork loins. It is made of whisky, garlic and olive oil. It creates the most intense flavours and the most succulent pork loin.

Montadito de Pringa

top 10 foods to try in seville
Montadito de Pringa, meat sandwich in Seville

This is another must try sandwich. It is usually made from the leftovers of a puchero stew. It may contain chicken, blood sausage and chorizo, or some other unique combinations depending on the chef of the puchero.

Cola de Toro

top gastronomy in Seville
oxtail dish in Seville

Cola de Toro is the tail of the bull. In Seville, the oxtail is cooked in a red wine reduction and it is an excellent menu choice. Do not leave Spain without trying a bite of this delicacy.


top gastronomy foods in seville
sweet torrijas with sugar cane syrup

For a sweet treat try some of this fried bread. Stale breads are soaked in an egg batter and fried up then served with your choice of syrup, honey or sweetened milk.

Red Wine

top drinks to try in seville
Spanish red wines

One of the most favoured beverages in this portion of Spain is a big glass of full-bodied red wine. It is served with many of the local foods to enhance the flavour of the food.

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