Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ronda

Puente Nuevo:

Puente Nuevo Ronda top attractions spainadvisor

The ‘new bridge’ of Ronda was finely built by 1793, after working on it for 4 long decades. It bisects the old and new town and makes the site more remarkable. This site is very emblematic and boasts of the engineering farsightedness. The bridge gives a breathtaking view of the gorge and Río Guadalevín. It is by far the most visited tourist’s spot in the town.


El Tajo:

el tajo Ronda top attractions and top thing to do in ronda, spainadvisor

The cliff of El Tajo gorge is spectacular. It splits the old Moorish town of La Ciudad from the new town of El Mercadillo. It is a narrow gorge with 68 meter of width and 120 meters of depth. The combination of the gorge, with the bridge of Puente Nuevo, happens to make them one of the most photographed areas in Ronda.

Reservatauro Ronda:

Reservatauro Ronda top attractions and best thing to do in ronda, spainadvisor

This is a natural park which is home to numerous animals, out of which the prime attraction are the bulls. The area is dotted holm oaks which add the beauty of the reserve. There is a Biosphere Reserve which explains stages of the bull fighting, selecting, breeding, etc. The visitors are informed about the breeding of Pure Spanish Horse along with the flora of the region that will intrigue you.

Alameda Del Tajo:

Alameda Del Tajo Ronda top attractions

Paseo Hemingway is the gateway to the green lung of Alameda del Tajo. This area is a spectacular front garden in a town where people do not possess front gardens. During weekends, locals come here for daytime fun, especially during summers. There are five avenues covered with trees and that make the garden look ornamented.

Plaza de Toros:

Plaza de Toros Ronda top attractions and top things to do , spainadvisor

This is a famous bullring in Ronda and the second largest in Spain. It becomes the most attractive area during the Seville fair because they hold the annual bullfighting festival at this time. This is also a very common tourist’s spot as it holds a blustering history. The ring can bring in about 5000 spectators at one time and it is also attached with a museum which holds the history of the ring and aspects related to it.

Arab Public Baths:

Arab Public Baths Ronda top attractions, spainadvisor

Arab baths are one of the striking features which should be on your list. These have been preserved from the 12th century and are unquestionably beautiful. It includes a prison which was later converted into a bar, but what remains till today, is the prison-like area and a small museum which reflects the times gone by.

Museo Lara

Museo Lara Ronda top attractions

This is located in the middle of the old historical city and records numerous collections of Spain for prime attraction. It has been constructed within the territories of Palace of Counts of Conquest. The architecture of the building itself reflects the palatial style from the 18th century.

La Casa Del Rey Moro

La Casa Del Rey Moro Ronda top attractions

This was built in the 18th century and it is known to reflect the Moorish era, although the Moorish times were overages since construction. The house incorporates relics of Moorish occupation in Ronda – the Water Mine. During the 14th century, Ronda became the firing line between Granada and Seville, which was inhabited by the Moors and Christians respectively. Moorish King Abomelik had captivated Christians and made them break the gorge to create aligned steps. This was done to bring water from río Guadelevin which lay below.

Dona Felisa Winery

Dona Felisa Winery Rona Spain bodega vino spainadvisor

This is a famous winery which is dedicated to the highest quality of wine that you get all around the world. This place is a run by a family who had formed it in 1999. It is in the middle of a mountainous range of Rondeña and the area is specifically referred as Chinchilla. The owners let visitors explore the wines and there are guides who update them with the necessary information.

Mondragon Palace (Palacio de Mondragón)

Mondragon Palace (Palacio de Mondragón) ronda top attractions

The enclosed space of this palace has been nicely renovated and modernised. It is a remnant of Moorish ruler Abbel Mallek. It is comparatively small but has numerous things to awe at. From the Mudejar ceilings to the inner courtyards, the visitors are left with mesmerised views. According to the locals and tourists, the water gardens are still the best feature in this area. The upper floor includes the town museum while the lower area is often rented for weddings and occasions.

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