Top Spanish Foods to Try in Ronda

Visiting a new place comes with the mandatory aspect of eating some local food. It gives you the ultimate essence of being in that area. Moreover, the locals might indulge to help you figure out what you should taste. Stew gastronomy is built on easy recipes of tomato and garlic soup, chickpea stew, lentils with asparagus and mushrooms, etc. The roasted serrano style baby goat (chivito) is one scrumptious delicacy that you could opt for. You could snack on some oxtail (Rabo de toro) added with potatoes, or rabbit in the typical Rondeña style. Some other traditional dishes like Rondeña style pumpkins, beans, and tomato, authentic porridge, migas (bread crumbs) with chorizo, almond soup, and artichokes, beans with sausage, lamb stew, tortilla rondeña, etc. are dishes which you could opt for. Desserts like sweet nuns or Yemas del Tajo (made of egg yolks) are on the top of the list among others. Wines are a specialty of Ronda, which is why people don’t miss out on sipping through at least one glass when they get here. Choose the items according to your taste buds by analyzing the ingredients of the recipe. This is the best way to avoid dissatisfaction and get value for your money.

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