Holidays and Festivals in Marbella

Romeria de San Bernabe (Last Sunday in May or first Sunday of June)

This event in Marbella opens a time for fairs and festivities in the city, with the traditionally followed pilgrimage of St. Barnabas. It starts from the House of the Brotherhood of Romeros, of the St. Barnabas, and this is situated in the Rincón, named after their saint. People have churros and chocolate for breakfast and then the rituals are continued at the chapel of Pinar de Nagüeles. After this, there is a procession of oxcarts which carry the banner of Brotherhood. It is followed by pilgrims and followers thereafter. The chapel then honours the image of St. Barnabas and there is a Mass held. The patent meal of Brotherhood takes place after the prayers. There are musical groups appointed for some entertainment and all attendees participate in performances. Tourists are intrigued by the procession that takes place, and they get to be a part of the fun and enjoyment by late eve.

Feria of Marbella/ Feria of San Bernabe (11th June)

This feast day and fair takes place in the honour of the city’s patron saint and also commemorates the victory of the Catholic Kings in 1485.  People are in a festive mood with music and fun throughout the city. The Old Town and Alameda Park are the two places to make the most of this event.

Virgen del Carmen (July)

The Virgin of the Seas is taken to an underwater cal on El Cable beach.  The colourful parade begins at the Fishing Port and travels via Puerto Banus, people return once again to the Fishing port and continue their celebrations.

Día del Tostón (November)

To celebrate All Saints’ Day on the 1st of November most locals head out into the countryside to roast delicious chestnuts and indulge in singing, dancing and also some wine tasting.  As this celebration goes on until late in the night, many place tents and sleeping gears to rest the night. They head back into town the following morning.

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