Best time to visit Marbella

When to travel to Marbella

The weather at Marbella is similar to the year, which is why your travel plans don’t need to alter due to the climatic changes. Thus, planning a trip to Marbella becomes more convenient as you stick through the first criteria of getting your trip organised. Summers are definitely a little warmer than the winters and you can expect little rains between November and March. The average temperature is around 19° Celsius and it is stagnant as it is located between the coastline and Sierra Blanca Mountains. Winters may go down to about 10° to 13° Celsius, and bring in rains as well. The most favourable time for visiting this place is during late spring. The temperature is good enough to go out and about the city, and you also get a favourable beach time.

Tips on travel to Marbella

  • The dress code in Marbella is easy, and you can wear almost anything. Since the city is sunny at most times, you would like to carry light clothes and beach-wears.
  • The central part is hotter during summers which can make touring the city a little tiring. On the other hand, this is the best time to be at the beach and enjoy the cool sea breezes.
  • The local people are very welcoming, and the only way to successful communication is to be polite and courteous. They appreciate being thanked and rewarded for.
  • When you get to sights and you want to click pictures, make sure you do not click the locals without their allowance. Even a mistake is not accepted in such a case. People wearing a military uniform are forbidden for clicking. Some museums might charge extra for photography.
  • One of the most important tips to travel Marbella is to keep in mind, that the city demands proper outfits to be worn at religious sights. Shorts, miniskirts or revealing clothes are not allowed.
  • There are numerous banks and private currency exchange offers, which makes currency exchange easier for you. They are open 7days a week but the transactions charge high fees.
  • Local shopping areas welcome bargaining and you might be lucky enough to reduce the costs by 20-30%
  • Tourists should avoid touring the remote areas alone. Going to the suburbs or remote districts can be a little risky, so going with a guide is preferable.
  • Only taxis and buses from Avanzabus are available for transportation, and booking them in advance is better than delaying your trip.
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